the BEST EASIEST PASTA you ever ate

well, as promised and after each of you have their own dried-tomato jar just waiting to be eaten in the fridge, here a recipe for the best and easiest past you ever ate. Its low fat, and uses only stuff you already have in your fridge (one of them being dried tomatoes, which are a must).

Dried tomatoes, mushrooms and onions pasta
you will need:
a handful of  dried tomatoes
a handful of black greek olives
4 garlic cloves
1 onion
12 nice mushrooms
~20gr Brinza cheese (salty, sheep milk cheese, comes in blocks)
half a pack (250gr) short pasta

*needless to say, all the amounts are only a recommendation and you can add or subtract anything.

What you do:
  1. While you boil water for the pasta (with a spoon of salt, no oil), chop the onions and the garlic. keep them separate.
  2. Cut the mushrooms into thin slices, or into 1/8 if you prefer them more bulky.
  3. By now, the water should have boiled. put the pasta in.
  4. Heat a deep pan with some of the tomatoes olive oil. Put the garlic in first, and after 30seconds, put in the onion. Make sure the garlic doesn't burn, or it will taste bitter.
  5. Take out as many dried tomatoes as you like; chop them coarsely.
  6. Remove the olive pit from your olives, and cut them coarsely too.
  7. When the onions are slightly golden, add the mushrooms. you can add some black pepper and nutmeg. DONT add salt.
  8. Cut the Brinza. 
  9. When the mushrooms turned soft, add the chopped tomatoes and olives to the pan. let it sit for a few minutes, in the mean time, take the pasta off the stove. drain the water; DON'T wash the pasta. put some olive oil on it, and stir. add the pasta to the pan, and let it sit. don't forget to stir. add the Brinza and some fresh, basil leaves. Stir some more, until the cheese starts to melt. 
  10. Serve hot, or cold (: 

BE-TE-AVON!! (Hebrew for bon apetit!)

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