Avenging the death of our IKEA clock: DIY recycled magazine clock

And so about a two weeks ago the IKEA clock we had in our kitchen decided to drop dead. Battery changes and such did nothing; the clock would appear to work and then stop again while we were sleeping (that sneaky bastard).

so I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and avenge the clock's death by turning my IKEA catalog into a brand new colorful and functional clock!
I got the general idea from luckydog post in craftster, and also from a similar post in "esprit cabane".

 The paper was kindly provided by IKEA colorful catalog. It was folded and glued either with plain UHU stick glue or simple plastic glue (UHU is easier to handle). A watch mechanism was easy to find in a local crafts store, so I got one of those too. The finished clock was glued to a cardboard back that I made using an old carton box that came with a pot I bought a while ago.


 I won't deny that I have some issues with the distance between the mechanism and the clock itself (ther's friction that causes the hands to jam), but this is the general look. (:

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