Magnetized! part I: re-designing your fridge magnets, DIY reusing ideas

at my latest shopping round I went into a crafts store and apart from buying the clock mechanism previously mentioned, I also bough some magnets.
you see, our fridge's door is a big mess filled with 'happy new years' cards, bills to pay and a lot of shitty, commercialized magnets (especially pizza magnets) to hold it all together.

Ist project: re-design existing magnets
for this I used things I had lying around the house:
  • magnets
  • rubber glue (won't cause wrinkles when you glue paper to something, unlike plastic glue)
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • transparent wallpaper
  • old tickets, maps, pictures
 take the magnets you want to change and place them on a map, picture or whatever you want to have on your fridge from now on. cut out a piece that will cover the magnet, glue and cover with the plastic wallpaper for protection, and you're done! It's also a nice way to use old museum cards and other trip memories  (: 

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  1. Cool idea, good way to use up those annoying advertising magnets.



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