A spice shelf in 2 seconds: DIY

when I installed this thing on Thursday, I though: "what an idiot! how come I didn't think of this sooner?"
well, the important thing is that I finally did.
for those of you who are not familiar with our apartment, let me just say that we have a slight storage problem: we live in 38squer meters. we have very high walls, so they somewhat compensate for the lack of cabinets floor-height. 
this is how my spice-shelf corner used to look like (there's another window above the higher one that you see, and the spices are about hip high)
and then I remembered that I had old pot hangers lying with all my plant thingies. and that I might have a white board the right size to fit the exact width of those pot hangers.
 and it all fit perfectly to my window, and now everything is roomy and easier to handle (:
I might re-paint the rusty hangers, though I kind of like the rusty look...

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