DIY tutorial: Recycled Orbit gum pack planters

In my weekly routine I drive a lot. Every day. 50km there and back again.
 The Orbit gum big packs are a necessity to me, and sometimes the only thing that keeps me from falling half asleep during morning traffic. As it happens, I started gathering quite a bit of empty packs- they were in such a cute little shape, they had to be good for something. And because I'm a planting person (I guess at some point a post about my plants will follow), I've decided to turn it into a nice little planter. very easy, and a perfect gift.
you will need:
  • empty Orbit gum pack
  • scissors
  • acrylic paint (or anything else that will stay on plastic)
  • a nail and a source of heat (lighter, home stove)
  • some planting compost and a plant

 what you do:
  1. screw off the cover of the pack. 
  2. cut off the part that the cover was attached to (see picture).
  3. paint the pack. I did about 4 layers to have a semi-uniform paint, you can adjust this to your liking. let dry between layers.
  4. when painting finished, make hole to allow water draining: heat up a nail (don't do this in bare hands, use something!) and while hot, make holes at the bottom of the container. make at least 5 holes (or your plant will rot from the inside).
  5. fill up with dirt, plant something and water. place in a place that will please the plant you just planted.


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  1. Absolutely wonderful idea! Kama pashut- Kaha yafe :)



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